Large splatterware enamel open roaster


You will love the easy clean up and the way food cooks in this marbled enamel roaster.

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Large splatter ware enamel open roaster

Crow Canyon Home enamelware and splatter-ware are FOOD SAFE and created by baking a porcelain enamel surface onto high quality steel.

The edges of the items are either rolled or rimmed in stainless steel for extra durability. Each piece is hand-dipped multiple times – base coat and cover coats.

For our traditional marbleized pattern, a second color is actually “flicked” on by an artisan using a specially designed brush.

The marble pattern naturally varies from piece to piece — making each one a unique collectible.

  • Measures 13.5 x 11 x 2

  • Food Safe


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Splatter ware enamel large open roaster
Large splatterware enamel open roaster